Welcome to Broomstick League Early Access Launch!

Early access is now underway! Our journey over the coming months will have us rapidly updating the game and rolling out new features and mechanics.

Broomstick League Now Available in Early Access on Steam

It’s been an incredible roller coaster of emotions thus far and our team is extremely grateful for the passion and excitement surrounding the game! We’ve been in the beta tests alongside you guys, reading all your feedback and have been integrating features, balancing adjustments and bug fixes based on your feedback.

As a thank you to all our fans we have decided to offer early adopters a 10% launch discount. We’re thrilled the game is now out for everyone and we can’t wait to see some epic goals and brand new moves! Hope to see you in-game, thank you for joining us on this journey!

New features and Updates

Brand New Arenas

Just in time for launch there are two brand new arenas for matches to take place:

Flying Arena, located on the back of a massive beast flying through the clouds.

Dungeon Arena, some wizards may be in for a big surprise as they find themselves trapped in a cage playing for the entertainment of a giant ogre!

Tutorial Update

An all new tutorial has been made to ease new players and give them the basics of the game. The tutorial will now need to be completed before anyone can be matched up online. Some new tips have been added, including how to properly win a faceoff.

Improvements to our Matchmaking System

MMR calculations at match end and adjusted matchmaking system to prioritize placing players of similar MMR in a match together.

Improved Scoring

Our scoring system has undergone some fine tuning, the ball now needs to completely cross the goal line instead of touching the goal line to register a goal.

Bot Difficulty

We’re looking at you Broom and League, our bots have been adjusted and have difficulty levels; easy, medium, hard. Bot difficulty will automatically adjust based on the average MMR score of all users in a match.

New UI

Sparkly new UI has been updated throughout the game, we have also added more clarity for the spell cooldowns.

Chat Options

Who doesn’t like a nice gg after a match. A new quick chat and voice chat option has been implemented along, which players can choose to join or mute other players (in both voice and text chat). There are some brand new UI changes to indicate if a player is currently using voice chat and we added the ability to completely hide the chat.

Store UpdateWe’ve made some UI changes to our store, updated a few new features and fixed the goal explosions to properly preview in the store or player inventory screen.Vote to Skip

The vote to skip replay has been once again updated, this time you’re now able to tell who has opted in to skip the replay.

Camera Options

There is now an option to turn off the 3rd person camera smoothing for more precision.

Gamepad Support.

Our gamepad support has been reworked. Changes have been made to the default control layout and sensitivity when using the gamepad.

Report Option

We have zero tolerance for toxic players or players who demonstrate poor behaviour; we have added in an option to report these players.

Audio Tune Ups

We added in a concurrency rule to audience audio cues, preventing them from stacking too aggressively.

All the Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed the issue with text chat spilling out of the scroll box if not separated by spaces and when the chat window would not scroll to the bottom of a long sentence

  • Fixed an issue that made players unable to chat with one another after a party has been disbanded

  • Removed the ability to switch teams during the tutorial

  • Fixed text that lingered on player’s HUD when chat is inactive

  • Fixed the black screen issue that occurred if players join a match while replay is in progress, player’s will see a panning overhead stadium camera until the replay has concluded

  • Blast VFX no longer play when a player hits ESC

  • Fixed the unfair advantage when players could push themselves out of the positioning prior to faceoff

  • Completely removed 2-pointers from the game and any trace of them on the leaderboards

  • Removed camera control during goal scoring celebrations

  • Sudden death now works in single player games

  • Proper faceoff formation has been fixed so that all players will be symmetrical and have been updated to properly randomize the locations for each faceoff

  • Blast now has a shorter cooldown after shooting

  • All spells are cancelled/reset at match start

  • Ball Magnet has been fixed: a shorter cooldown after being hit by a Blast, smaller mana drain and refactored to function like a spell

  • Fixed a bug where slam-dunk goals would sometimes fly through the net and not count

  • Fixed a visual issue where the ball would appear to snap, or teleport, into the net while watching a replay

  • Fixed the bots issue that allowed them to Blink through the arena’s walls that allowed them to go outside of the match

  • Fixed an issue where bots could sometimes get a false start before a face off begins

  • Fixed an interactive dead zone on some Store icons

  • Fixed an issue with the ball positioning when blasted out of a player’s hands

  • Fixed a bug where blast was not properly taking advantage of the spell cancel feature

  • Update to the player HUD to now display if a spell is currently being used or charged

  • Parties that are too large for the selected match type are now unable to search for a game

  • Servers will no longer perform maintenance restarts in the middle of a match, servers will now wait for a match to conclude before restarting

  • Fixed an issue causing Blast VFX to face the wrong direction

  • Fixed multiple issues with store and player inventory menus

Crashes have been fixed and a lot of minor changes not mentioned have been implemented for a more seamless experience.

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