Steam FREE Weekend Event! Feb 21 - Feb 24

We have been absolutely blown away (quite literally) with all the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Broomstick League community. After last week's close beta test we couldn’t fit everyone in, so we worked with our good friends over at Steam to set up a FREE Weekend Event! No code needed, just download and join during Feb 21 (10:00 am PST) - Feb 24 (10:00 am PST)!

Broomstick League launch is nearly here, thank you for all the support, we hope to see you in the game real soon. If you haven’t done so yet, please Wishlist Broomstick League on Steam now:

All The Sparkly New Stuff

There is now a brand new match end screen and a spectacular new reward displayed update at the end of every match. Just when you thought winning couldn’t be more appealing.

Vote to Skip

Now you have the option to vote along with your teammates to skip the replay after each match.


There is now a more visible 10-second countdown that will warn players that the match is ending.

Represent Your Country

It may not be the 2020 Summer Olympics just yet, but now you can represent your home country (or one of your choosing) in Broomstick League. Decorate your cape with your country's flag and start your Broomstick League game in style!

Language Support

We have added in language support for the following countries: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

New Camera Option & Mouse Axis

Ball cam now has the option to be a toggle-able ability and there is an option for players to change the inverted mouse axis which you can set up through your settings in the menu.

New & Improved

We have implemented some new improvements to our matches environment!

  • Shortened and improved camera during replays and updated lighting in all arenas.

  • Improved Blast ability timing and increased effectiveness of the Ball Magnet ability, which makes the ball should be easier to pick up.

  • Practice mode now defaults to 0 bots, allowing players to practice solo if desired.

Lots of bug fixes and additional changes that make the game run smoothly. But we won’t bore you with the list, but rest assured things are getting better and we’ll see you this weekend for our Steam FREE Weekend Event!

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