BSL Closed Stress Test

Welcome to the first round of Broomstick League playtesting! I wanted to personally thank you for your interest in checking out the game.

Broomstick League has been a true passion project for us. It’s an idea that came about many years ago with some very humble beginnings. Back then, the game existed only as a very simple prototype. We had some basic physics, two nets, a ball and a whitebox arena with no real graphics or visuals to it. We had no idea if the game would be any fun or if the concept itself would even work. Those early prototypes, however, proved to be invaluable. It was just a few minutes into our first playtest when we realized this prototype had a ton of potential.

Now, here we are many years later ready to open up our development process and show the game to a larger group of people. We’ve played hundreds (or thousands?) of matches in the studio, tweaked & refined the gameplay, added tons of features, lots of content, amazing visuals, and much more. In short - we are really, really excited for you to finally play the game.

What are we testing?

The purpose of this playtest is largely about ensuring that the game works. While we encourage you to share your feedback and impressions about the gameplay, we are mostly looking to see how the game stands up to a few hundred people playing all at once. Prior to this, we’ve had at most, twenty people playing the game at the same time. Specifically, we want to see how our matchmaking system handles a few hundred people trying to join a game at the same time.

This game is still under heavy development so I’d like to give fair warning here: we fully expect things to go wrong. We will be closely monitoring the test and gathering logs from the matchmaking system. This will allow us to go in and make things work better. During this first playtest, we ask for your patience as things may not work properly.

What’s included?

This first playtest will include just two arenas; our impressive looking Kingdom and Sand/Desert arenas. We are working hard on finishing up the additional arenas and plan to include those in upcoming playtests.

We’ve also locked most player customisation and cosmetic options for this first round. This session is all about the servers and matchmaking so we wanted to keep the test focused on those aspects for now. Our player cosmetics and progressions systems are still under heavy development so we’ll roll those out when they are closer to being ready.

Lastly, we are limiting the game to just one game-mode, standard 3v3 matches. The full game will include additional game modes, but for now, we want to keep things clean and simple.

Have invites gone out?

Our first round of invites have already gone out, if you didn’t receive one, do not worry. We are limiting this playtest to just a few hundred players to start - we’ll be opening the floodgates for future playtests. We have had a massive turnout and thousands of signups, we’ll do our best to get as many of you in the game as we can.


We are asking everyone to hold off on streaming the game during this first round of stress testing. Simply put, the game is not ready for prime time streaming just yet and we’d like to make sure we are putting our best foot forward. Once we are sure that the game is stable and ready, we will absolutely lift this restriction.

That’s all for now folks. Once again, thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoy the game!

- Alex

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