Broomstick League Beta Test 1: December 7th - December 8th

Hey everyone, I am happy to announce that the next round of Broomstick League playtesting is happening this weekend! We will open the game servers on Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8 from 10AM to 7PM PST (UTC-8) each day.

There’s a ton of new stuff in this build, so I’ll go over the key changes below.

New Move - Dash

We wanted to add a new gameplay element and a lot of you gave us the same feedback - add the ability to deke out your opponents. In Broomstick League, we call this move the dash! The dash adds a whole new dimension to gameplay, allowing you to dodge around enemies, gain speed faster, or even retreat into defensive position. Check it out:

New UI

We have completely and totally revamped every single piece of UI in the game, from the main menu, to your inventory, to the in-game HUD. Everything has gotten an update and a refresh. Please keep in mind, this is not 100% complete and we still consider a work-in-progress. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new designs. Check out the before and after comparison:

Matchmaking Improvements

We have been hard at work improving the matchmaking system. Last test round, servers were not properly backfilling, which resulted in players being placed into empty servers, instead of looking for existing matches in progress that had a spot or two available. This issue is now fixed and matchmaking should provide a better experience. We will closely monitor the status of the matchmaking throughout this playtest and continue to make improvements wherever we can.

Tutorials & Practice Mode

For those of you brand new to the game, make sure to check out our newly added tutorials! The tutorial is a set of simple exercises designed to teach you the core moves in the game.

We also have a functioning practice mode for you to fly around an empty arena with no time restrictions. Practice your moves solo or add some AI bots into the arena with you to liven it up.

We’ve also put together a guide that covers some of the basics and tips on how to improve your game.

Lots More

There have been a ton of additional elements that have been implemented; such as another sound effects pass, a VFX pass and better gameplay telegraphing. We have made a lot of small gameplay tweaks to improve the overall play experience. Also, we’ve made some improvements to the AI. The AI is still in a very early state and we’ll be looking to improve the bots as we get closer to a release.

When do keys go out?

Keys will be distributed throughout the day, so you can preload the game on Steam. If you did not get an invite into this round of playtesting, fear not! We have more rounds of playtesting planned, and will invite larger waves of players into each round.

Can I stream the gameplay?

YES! Streaming the game is now allowed. We encourage you to stream your gameplay and share your experience with others.

That’s all for now folks. Once again, thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoy the game!

- Alex

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