Arena Showcase Part 2

In Broomstick League, players will get to compete in a wide variety of imaginative arenas. Today, we are continuing our arena showcase with the Flying, Dungeon and Snow Arenas.

High Flying Competition

The Flying Arena takes the “road game” to a whole new level! Broomstick League takes to the skies on the backs of massive beasts, allowing teams to get some practice in while traveling to their next game. Fly through the clouds and play to the beating of massive wings in one of Broomstick League’s most fantastical locales. An impressive enough goal might even distract your ride!

Ogre’s Entertainment

In search of mystical materials for better wands and brooms; some bright young Broomstick League prospects find themselves in dangerous territory. Some are unlucky enough to find themselves captured and playing for the entertainment of Giant Ogres! Play your heart out in a caged arena within the surprisingly cozy confines of an Ogre’s home. Victory means life and death in the Dungeon Arena!

Blasting Through The Snow

Broomstick League has been a staple throughout the history of the world. In a bygone age, a similar game was played in celebration of conquest and triumph. Amidst the snowy reaches of the North, a mighty stadium was erected in celebration of the defeat of a mighty beast! Seek glory like a warrior of old in the Snow Arena, a relic of the past overflowing with majesty and runic magic! Although, you can’t help but wonder what mysteries may lie beneath the enchanted ice...

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