Oct 15

Forum Posting Guidelines


Welcome to the Broomstick League forums! We want this to be a place where everyone can feel free to safely and comfortably discuss the game, make new friends, and share their game-related thoughts, feelings and suggestions.

To make sure we achieve this goal we have created a set of rules that all posters must adhere to while participating here on the forums. Failure to do so may result in your post being moved, locked or deleted, and may also lead to a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban.

Be Respectful This is the baseline for every rule to follow: don’t be rude or disrespectful to your fellow posters. Do not single out another poster with aggressive, insulting language. Harassment and threats of a personal nature will not be tolerated.

Stay On-Topic Respect the forum structure and post topics in the appropriate sub-forum. Keep discussion threads focused on their original purpose.

Don’t Spam Do not make a duplicate thread if one already exists for the topic. Do not make the same thread or post repeatedly, be it in the same place or across multiple sub-forums. If you’d like to add to a post, please make use of the edit function rather than making multiple posts/threads.

Don’t Use Hate Speech Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not target and attack anyone’s race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or anything else a moderator may deem inappropriate.

Don’t Post Inappropriate Content These forums are intended for players of all ages. Do not post images, videos or other materials containing sexual content, gore, or anything else a moderator may deem inappropriate.

Be Constructive Feedback is, and always will be, highly valued by the development team. Please feel free to share suggestions and criticism for Citadel, but remember to do so respectfully, constructively and in the appropriate sub-forum. Do not attack other players for sharing their suggestions, and respect the creators of the game when making your own.

Report Posts If you believe a post needs the attention of a moderator, please make use of the report function. All reported posts will be reviewed in a timely manner to ensure adherence to our posting guidelines. Do not abuse the report function.



Please keep your conversations limited to using English only. Currently, that is the only language our forums support. With that said, we would love to expand this in the future as the game grows in popularity.

This is not a complete list of actionable offenses, but rather a general guideline. Moderators may exercise their discretion when evaluating a post. Please adhere to these rules so that we may all have a safe and comfortable experience.

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